Nos solutions vous offrent bien plus que ne peut le faire un simple écran.

Ce sont des produits High-Tech qui deviennent incontournables et s'imposent à notre quotidien au regard d'une forte valeur ajoutée délivrée. Nos technologies sont reconnues par de nombreuses récompenses officielles avec déjà plus de 50 brevets innovants dans le domaine de la télévision miroir.

Technologie Brevetée

Technologie Brevetée

  • 20.12.2001 - Germany - Spiegel mit einem als Informationsgeber ausgebildeten Teilbereich
  • 24.03.2004 - Europe - Mirror having a part of it issued as information display
  • 20.07.2005 - Europe- Electronically controlled display
  • 20.04.2006 - Germany - Aufnahmevorrichtung
  • 10.04.2008 - Germany - Bildanzeigegerät
  • 25.11.2008 - USA - Mirror having a portion in the form of an information provider
  • 15.09.2009 - USA - Wall element with cut-out for flat screen display
  • 25.02.2010 - Germany - Spiegel mit einem als Informationsgeber ausgebildeten Teilbereich
  • 19.11.2010 - Korea - Large surface wall element with a flat screen arranged in the rear side
  • 20.04.2011 - Europe - Large area wall element for interior design
  • 25.11.2011 - China - Vanity mirror
  • 26.10.2012 - Hong Kong- Restroom mirror
  • 12.12.2012 - Europe- Restroom mirror

News and media

ad notam represented at ISE 2015

ad notam represented at ISE 2015

ad notam´s client Bowers & Wilkins participated at ISE 2015

Bowers & Wilkins, one of ad notam’s international clients, took part at this years ISE trade show in Amsterdam. Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is one of Europe´s leading Exhibitions on System Integration and took place from 10 to 12 of February 2015.

Bowers & Wilkins not only participated with a stunning stand, but also with innovative and futuristic products. Part of the stand was also ad notam – with multimedia solutions for the kitchen, living room and as a digital signage solution. We thank Bowers & Wilkins for this great representation of ad notam products and hope, that the fair was successful for our partner!

The next Integrated Systems Europe will take place at the Amsterdam RAI on 9-12 February 2016.

ad notam presents the future of the Mirror TV

ad notam presents the future of the Mirror TV

With the ASCENT-Series, ad notam released a path breaking product-innovation

ad notam presented a path breaking product-innovation with its new ASCENT™-Mirror TV at ISH 2015 in Frankfurt.

With ASCENT™, ad notam raised the quality and efficiency of a Mirror TV to the highest degree. ASCENT™ is the worldwide first Mirror TV with ad notams state of the art ASCENT™-Technology.

This Mirror TV is a combination of a fully-fledged vanity mirror and an all new MIRROR IMAGE® Display. Using ASCENT™, it´s possible to adjust the TV picture size with only one touch. The consequence is a Mirror TV with which it is possible to easily transform the TV picture in the mirror from small to large and vice versa.

With this exceeding technology, it is possible to watch a movie in brilliant full size mode, while one touch brings back the vanity mirror with an elegant small-sized picture. This small-sized picture can be positioned wherever comfortable on the mirror with four preset positions available. With MAGIC MIRROR® as part of this product, ad notam delivers the highest standard of picture quality possible when turned on, while, when turned off, the TV picture completely disappears behind the MAGIC MIRROR®, leaving back nothing but the vanity mirror.

ASCENT™ is not just an attention-getter, but also very easy to install on-wall and therefore the perfect complement for any interior design solution.

A Mirror TV with this new technology is available with a 42’’ or 55’’ TV picture.

Europe's highest Mirror TVs?

Europe's highest Mirror TVs?

Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard London equipped with ad notam Mirror TVs

Located on the historic South Bank of the River Thames in the 306-metre-high, glass-clad Shard, the hotel is the Hong Kong-based luxury hotel group’s third in Europe, following debuts in Paris in 2010 and Istanbul in 2013. All 202 marble-clad bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and unrivalled views across the city, heated floors, separate bathtubs, Acqua di Parma amenities and the latest ad notam Lighted Mirror TV series.

Darren Gearing, executive vice president and hotel general manager of Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London said: “The hotel’s inspiring views connect emotionally with guests, while our service hallmarks are positioning the hotel at the forefront of the world’s finest hotels.”



ad notam participated at ISH 2015

ISH, world´s leading trade fair for innovative bathroom design, took place in Frankfurt from 10th to 14th March 2015.

ISH, world´s leading trade fair for innovative bathroom design, energy efficient heating and air-conditioning technology as well as renewable energies, took place in Frankfurt from 10 to 14 March 2015.

The key themes of ISH 2015 were “Energy efficiency plus”, “Interior + Technology-Design and Function in Harmony” and “Future Buildings”. As ad notam looks into these interesting subjects in its daily business, the pioneer and inventor of the LED Mirror TV industrywas proud to participate in this years ISH exhibition.

At the ISH 2015 in Frankfurt, ad notam presented products related to “Interior and Technology-Design” as well as “Future Buildings” such as TV solutions for bathrooms. In summary, it can be stated that ISH was an intersting and successful event for ad notam.

St. Regis in Istanbul - hospitality at its best

St. Regis in Istanbul - hospitality at its best

ad notam equips St. Regis Hotel in Istanbul with Mirror TVs

Embedded in the heart of Nisantasi, the St. Regis Istanbul exemplifies extraordinary hospitality combined with unsurpassed sophistication. The St. Regis enjoys a prestigious location in an exclusive district next to the shimmering Bosphorus with world-class retail options, art galleries as well as outstanding dining and nightlife opportunities. The rooftop terrace of the St. Regis with its delicious Restaurant and stunning view brings the atmosphere to perfection.

Besides the magnificent location, St. Regis Istanbul projects with its luxurious and dovetailing interior solutions. Choosing ad notam as exclusive vendor for Mirror TVs, St. Regis hits the point when it comes to classiness and style. The German engineered and customized Magic Mirror is an outstanding part in all 118 rooms and suites of St. Regis Istanbul. Provided with an 18,5” TV, the Magic Mirror fits perfectly into the modern design of the rooms. The Magic Mirror reveals the timeless elegance and the exquisite style of the whole hotel with its state-of-the-art environment.

ad notam presents the new Touch Keypad

ad notam presents the new Touch Keypad

ad notam Touch Keypad is the latest upgrade for your MIRROR IMAGE® creation. Up to fifteen capacitive touch buttons embedded into the face of the mirror or glass surface give the user full control over the screen or light settings.

The user can choose from three pre-configured models, depending on his feature request. The models are a 3-key version for light control, a 6-key version for basic screen control and a 9-key version for light and basic screen control.

The commands of the touch keypad can also be customized, in case the user needs other commands than the ones implemented into the pre-configured models.

  Product Highlights:

  • Capacitive Touch Buttons, including Nightlight, Dimming Up and Down, when combined with ad notam dimmer.
  • Flexible placement opportunities on the entire mirror resp. glass surface.
  • Up to fifteen touch commands, fully customizable.
  • Three pre-configured models, including Light On/ Off, Dimming Light Up and Down, Screen On/ Off, Volume Up and Down, Mute Sound On and Off, Channel Up and Down.
  • When combined with the ad notam dimmer, up to 99 diming levels.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Optional complete On-Screen-Display access through the Touch Keypad.

ad notam´s latest project in South Africa: Ellermans House Villa Two

ad notam´s latest project in South Africa: Ellermans House Villa Two

ad notam Mirror TVs are an outstanding part in one of Cape Town´s finest adresses

With a breathtaking and spectacular view over Bantry Bay area, Ellerman House is one of the finest addresses for lodging, cuisine, wine and leisure in Cape Town area.

The Ellerman House with its eleven rooms, two suites and two private villas is much valued by clients worldwide for the combination of luxury and service. Staggered gardens, shaded verandas and a celebrated art collection let vacations in this establishment become an unforgettable experience.

Besides the outstanding service efforts and surrounding, Ellerman House also sets standard in interior solutions. The clue is that all rooms and apartments look individual and give Ellerman House the special character. Therefore, ad notam consulted the owner in finding superior solutions for the Ellerman House Villa two – the latest addition in the portfolio of accommodations. In cooperation with Sphere Custom Design and architect Michael Dennet, ad notam provided a high-class and customized TV-solution, consisting of a 65’’ ad notam Mirror TV that when switched off blends in seamlessly.

Magic mirror effect

Magic mirror effect

Totally invisble when switched off

Magic Mirror - Hidden Technologies

The Magic Mirror technology is a special coating process that allows the viewing surface of the monitor system to disappear completely behind a uniform mirror surface when it is turned off. The monitor system can be placed felxibly at any place behind the mirror, which would be in any colour that you like.

ad notam Hospitality

ad notam Hospitality

Manufacture and integration of LCD/LED technology with glass and mirrors is the specialty of German technology manufacturer ad notam.

The company invented so-called Mirror-TV Technology more than eight years ago, and is an undoubted leading world authority in this market sector.

The company has comprehensive know-how in all aspects of Mirror-TV technology and its components. The business philosophy is to be a rliable supplier with short delivery cycles, while meeting customer-specific wishes with respect to glass dimensions and LCD/LED sizes, for special individual projects up to 108 inch diagonal size - made in Germany. Thanks to accumulating years of experience and knowledge of both elements, these specialists are able to work with leading international OEM furniture manufacturers from all sectors in the creation of multimedia furniture. This was also why the Fraunhofer Institute chose to work with ad notam in developing the 'hotel of the future' and research future trends in the hotel segment.

When designing the Mirror Image system ad notam concentrated primarily upon customer requirements, with the result that the system is adaptable for all applications and any design and can be individualised upon request.

There are almost no limits to the design options.


Advantages of the MIRROR IMAGE system:

  • The remote control transmitter signal is the only thing to penetrate mirror's reflective layer;
  • Frameless LCD/LED to the rear face of the glass using patented magnetic fixture;
  • Low-voltage power supply suitable for use in wet rooms;
  • When switched off, the Magic Mirror technology remains completely hidden behind a homogeneous mirror surface.


Publication: innovation of interior / the cologne Fair Forum for Architects, Designers and Product Developers, May 2011

Plug & Play as you shower

Plug & Play as you shower

Enjoy your choice of screen entertainment or catch up on the latest news even as you have a relaxed soak in the bath

German-made and engineered to overcome the challenge of operating in ventilation-deprived and damp environments, the MIRROR IMAGE® line of bathroom products includes fully encased, sealed , low voltage consuming products ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications. It is also the only LCD which is factory calibrated to accomodate the challenges of displaying images through glass mediums. This allows for a limitless number of glass designs and customised installations.

The only limit is one's imagination. Many OEM customisations and integration into furniture pieces are also available.

Rated in European standards IP X2, IP X4 and IP X5, ad notam offers custom engineered units for use in wet areas. The MIRROR IMAGE ® screens offer surperior picture quality with a patented magnetic flush technology while maintaining optimum functionality.

These displays in the bathroom allow one, such as a fast moving executive who would need to check the market, to be connected to the world at the start of the day. These displays are perfect for entertainment during a treatment or while in a bath. The bathroom is another important space apart from the living room and bedroom to spend time.

For the customer who wants a simple solution, the complete plug and play option includes a mirror variety, an invisible glass speaker, fully integrated TV and mounting system for easy surface mounts and recessed-into-wall installations. The Bathroom Mirror TV TM offers traditional Mirror and Magic Mirror TM vanities, with optional halogen lighting for a smart art deco look. The TV completely disappears when turned off in the Magic Mirror TM glass. Both the screen and the glass are available in many different sizes and options. One useful option for existing tile environments is a wireless data transmission solution up to 300 feet. This is a great opportunity for a customer who wants to keep things simple.

Another solution for the bathroom is the new Bathroom Twister Line TM. This high-end product comes in 17" display and is available in traditional Mirror, Magic Mirror TM, black, and white glass. Bathroom Twister can be mounted on the floor and table-top, as well as a wallmount. It rotates 180 degrees. The Bathroom Twister Line TM offers a complete, stylised and flexible solution for your bathroom mirror, with a fully integrated TV screen and no installation hassles. Both the plug and play and fully customised options blend seamlessly into any bathroom interior, transforming this space into a highly connected entertainment environment.

Editor's picks

Editor's picks

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An integrated display screen that utilizes thin-film transistor technology appears in a mirror when on, and disappears completely when off. ad notam USA, New York City

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